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The United States of America has reached a point of serious concern with vacant nursing positions in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, and other types of medical facilities. There are currently 250,000 vacant nursing positions in the U.S. A projection also states that 400,000 to1,000,000 will be the number of vacancies across the U.S. between 2006 and 2010. Western Europe is also facing a major shortage of nursing and other medical service professionals, though the deficiencies are expected to be less than those being experienced in the U.S.

To address this problem, the U.S. government has altered immigration regulations for nursing personnel from other countries and has created a special category for foreign born, foreign trained nurses. To help meet the nursing needs of the U.S. and Western Europe, PresNet is broadening its scope beyond colleges and universities to include services for nursing and other medical professionals who would like to enter the U.S. and Western European job market.

WHAT IS PRESNET? PresNet, The Presidents' Network, began as an association of colleges and universities in the U.S. who came together to recruit international students and to better care for international students who were on campuses in the U.S. Over the years PresNet has broadened its scope and now includes student insurance services, homestay, student tours, distance education, creation of American model colleges in other countries, and more recently, the brokering of business products for Indian and U.S. business/industry. PresNet has more than 90 college/university members in its association and a network of off-shore offices in forty-two countries. Eighteen of these are in India.

PRESNET'S GOALS FOR NURSE AND MEDICAL PERSONNEL RECRUITING AND JOB PLACEMENT SERVICE: It is the desire of the PresNet leadership to be of service to nursing and medical personnel in other countries who desire to come to the U.S. or to Western Europe to fill vacancies in hospitals or medical services units. In addition, PresNet hopes to be of significant help to hospital personnel offices who are seeking qualified international nurses who can function well in positions of trust in the U.S. and European medical community. PresNet has created a step by step process designed to bring licensed medical professionals from other countries through the IELTS, CGFNS, NCLEX, Green Card, and job placement process to meet the needs of U.S. hospitals and other medical units.

WHAT THIS NEW SERVICE IS NOT: PresNet's system is NOT a short cut or by-pass of the U.S. or European government medical licensure process. Each step of the process is designed to meet the necessary requirements and to help foreign born, foreign trained medical professionals meet the standards required by both the U.S. government and the U.S. or European medical communities.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF USING THIS PROCESS TO BECOME EMPLOYED IN THE U.S. OR EUROPE? An average nurse's salary in a U.S. hospital is approximately $62,000 per year with a range of between $36,000 and $95,000 depending on geographic location. The beginning salary that a foreign born nurse can expect will be approximately $41,000 per year with full fringe benefits, including retirement funding and medical insurance coverage. Salaries in Western Europe are less than in the U.S. but one can expect to be paid a beginning salary of approximately $30,000 USD per year with full benefits. Original contracts will be for 24 months in Europe, and 30 months in the U.S. Bonuses will be paid for contract renewals and, in some cases, bonuses of $1,000-$3,000 will be paid periodically through the term of the contract. Families can join the employed nurse after six months but the process for immigration can begin immediately..


(1) Contact PresNet either through this web site or through the key offices listed below.

(2) Acquire the necessary application papers and other forms necessary for enrolling in the service. A period of assessment related to "readiness" to move through the process will follow. Each prospective nurse will begin at a place in the process that is appropriate to their state of "readiness". Nurses who desire to move to the U.S. and already have passed the IELTS English usage exam and NCLEX nurse license exam will move directly into the job placement process. Nurses who have not passed either the IELTS or the NCLEX will move into a preparation program for one or both exams. Nurses who desire to move to Western Europe will move through the process necessary for placement in the specific country where the job placement will occur.

HOW LONG WILL THIS PROCESS TAKE? Each nurse will experience a specific timetable unique to his/her current state of "readiness". If one enters the process with only 1) graduation from a recognized nurse training program and 2) a license to practice as a nurse, the estimated time of process will be as follows:

1) IELTS preparation course.....................................3 months

2) CGFNS preparation course..................................3 months

3) NCLEX preparation course..................................3 months

4) Green Card Process for immigration.....................4-6 months

5) Job Placement......................................................1 month

6) Travel and preparation for work............................1 month

If you are at the lowest level of "readiness" , the entire process may take as long as 16-18 months. But the time may be shorter, again depending on one's readiness. Nurses may not have to take both CGFNS and NCLEX, depending on the job placement necessities. For nurses from non-English speaking countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan, etc. there may be a necessity to begin the process with an English as Second Language program which could take as long as 6 to 9 months. Nurses who desire placement in Western Europe may expect a process of three to five months. It is possible to be placed in Europe and, later, to move to the U.S. For those interested in that prospect, a training program in IELTS, CGFNS, and NCLEX will be set up in Europe to assist in that effort.

HOW MUCH WILL THIS PROCESS COST? The PresNet nurse preparation and placement process will cost approximately $16,000 and is designed to be at the expense of the hospitals employing the nurses in the U.S. and Europe. The Nurse will provide a deposit of $300 USD at the beginning of the process which will be refunded to the nurse at the time of immigration to the U.S. or Europe.

WHEN IS THE ENROLLMENT DEPOSIT DUE? The enrollment deposit is due when the application and other materials are returned to the PresNet unit at the beginning of the process. The deposit is non-refundable until the nurse completes all necessary processes for employment in the U.S. or Europe and is ready to begin employment. At that time a full refund will be made.

HOW DO I BEGIN THE PROCESS? Contact PresNet through any of the addresses/numbers listed on the website, or contact the PresNet offices closest to you. A contact to the central office in the U.S. will provide you with the contact numbers and address of the various affiliate offices involved in this project. Locations of PresNet offices are as follows:

India: Delhi Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Cochin.

Korea: Seoul.

Kenya: Nairobi

Other office locations are being developed and you may contact PresNet for information regarding new locations.


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